Church of Siduri


Brothers and Sisters, #TheDoctor has finally apologized for his blastphemy against Siduri! We win!!! #CultOfSiduri

Original teachings of the Siduri translated, summarized, edited and formatted from the Old Babylonian version of the Epic of Gilgamesh, recorded 2000 BC, by the Church of Siduri, and represents the oldest religious, and we believe some of the most profound, revelations ever recorded.  We believe that the advice the Siduri gave to Gilgamesh over 4000 years ago are sacred words.  To become a Sidurian (follower of the Church of Siduri) you must simply hold Her words dear in your heart...


“Beside the sea Siduri lives,

the woman of the vine, the maker of wine;

Siduri sits in the garden at the edge of the sea

And where she sits she sees Gilgamesh coming towards her,

the flesh of the gods in his body,

but despair in his heart,

she barred her gate against him


But Gilgamesh called to her,

'Young woman, maker of wine,

why do you bolt your door

for I am Gilgamesh

who seized and killed the Bull of Heaven,

I killed the watchman of the cedar forest,

I overthrew Humbaba who lived in the forest,

and I killed the lions in the passes of the mountain.'


Then Siduri said:

'If you are that Gilgamesh

Why is despair in your heart

and why do you come here wandering over the pastures

in search of the wind?'


Gilgamesh answered her,

Despair is in my heart,

Enkidu my brother

whom I loved,

the end of mortality has overtaken him.

I wept for him seven days and nights.

Because of my brother I am afraid of death,

because of my brother I stray through the wilderness

and cannot rest.


But now

young woman, maker of wine,

since I have seen your face

do not let me see the face of death

which I dread so much.'


Siduri said,

‘Gilgamesh, whither are you wandering?

Life, which you look for, you will never find.

For when the gods created man, they let

death be his share, and life

withheld in their own hands.

Gilgamesh, fill your belly-

Day and night make merry,

let days be full of joy,

dance and make music day and night.

And wear fresh clothes,

And wash your head and bathe.

Look at the child that is holding your hand,

And let your wife delight in your embrace.

These things alone are the concern of men.’”


Please do not publish or publicize your own interpretations of Siduri's advice. Her words must be presented in their purest form without any commentary.
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